ADAR- Alabamians Defending Animal Rights

ADAR non-profit animal rescue organization

This page comes from a client I’ve been working with for almost 4 years; they run an animal rescue organization in Alabama. In this image, you can see the header which is a logo I created for them; the header has a built-in menu that is an image map, so the viewer holds the mouse over each word and they can click on it to be taken to that page.
Each week, and many times, several times each week, I updated the adoption pages so that the latest dogs/puppies that were needing to be adopted could be viewed by the public and I immediately removed any images to dogs/puppies that were already adopted so things were always up-to-date. I also created an online application for them to use so that potential adopters could fill it out and send it straight to my client. I also wrote the coding so that each application emailed to my client included the name of the dog or puppy that the person wished to adopt which helped save my client quite a bit of time.
I updated several pages that were called '‘Happy Tails’' which consisted of images & stories of the people & animals that have been adopted through ADAR & Camp Kyra which is the Northeast extension of ADAR. I was also in charge of completing the SEO work for the site as well as submitting it to search engines periodically.
One thing that really sets me apart from other web designers is the fact that yes, I have regular office hours I keep but when an emergency arises I am not afraid to work past the office hours or on weekends to get the situation rectified; I had to do this several times for ADAR’s site throughout the 4 years I’ve had this account and I never stopped til I got the situation fixed; also, in each circumstance I kept my client fully up-to-date on the progress of the situation that needed fixing so that they knew what was happening and the time frame to fix things.

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