Birdman’s Designs Website

This is the website I built for my own business.

I want my site to be fun to go through, that’s interactive but also secure so I limited the amount of interactive items throughout my site to keep it more secure for myself & those viewing the pages. I added a rotating gallery that shows items I have for sale; each item, when clicked on, will take the viewer to that page so they can see the item in larger format & so they can also order it at their leisure. I’ve also installed an application viewers can fill out when they need work done that comes with a captcha window at the bottom, so that it cuts down on spam-bots and spam emails; this is something I also like to integrate into all of my clients' sites when they are wanting an online application. All of the images and buttons were fully created by me using my own art.

In addition to being an artist, I’m also a webdesigner & graphic designer. I designed & built my own website which I have included a couple of pictures of in this portfolio. I designed my logo & all the images for the site. In addition, I also installed a rotating gallery that allows viewers to not only see multiple images but also click on each one and a new window opens showing that image more detailed. I’ve also installed an application with a captcha feature so that it cuts down on spam, spam bots, etc. For my clients I’ve built their sites as well as their logos. As an example, for ADAR animal Rescue, I not only designed their logo but I also built an image map into the header so that the viewer just has to click on the words to be taken to those pages. For their adoption application, I created it so that each application when it is sent, includes the name of the dog the person wishes to adopt; which saves the rescue quite a bit of time and also organizes the emails into groups that way.
When you work with Birdman’s Designs, you won’t get an automated message like you’d get from so many webdesigners & companies out there. I respond to EACH inquiry in a timely & friendly manner and I make sure that the client is absolutely satisfied with my work. If an emergency develops during my closed hours, I won’t wait til the next business day to work on it; if it’s an emergency I’ll work on it right away so it’s fixed as soon as possible.

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